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Website building

Note : You will only have to Pay if you are satisfied with the "WEBSITE" and also             you have the option to reject the project.

To get your Website follow these steps : 

Get your Own Website for your business,

starting @ just USD $150


We will contact you, please fill the form below

      ​​1. E-mail your request  for  ​                                               ​

      2. Explain your ideas like how it should work and           look in browser, send drawings, photos                     and text ideas(optional) 

       3.  According to the website complexity and                   number of pages the cost will be fixed and               you will be notified with email of the                          Quotation. If you agree with the cost fixed                you have to confirm the start of the project

     4. We will design your Website the way you need

     5. We will send you a copy of the webpage images       to your e-mail. If you are satisfied with the                 website design, confirm the final project.

     6. Finally make a payment through various                   methods and we will host it for you so people           all around the world will see your "WEBSITE".

We have Completed 8 WEBSITE Projects