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Privacy policy for Android Apps :

"Pro coding" app in play store have followed this privacy policy and to help you understand how we use the data from your device, like camera, storage, personal data we have written this privacy policy.

Personal data :

We collect Name and store it using sharedpreferences in the app itself and send it to our servers via HTTPS secure protocol to approve users work for certification and to print name in certificates. And scanning unique ID in QR code of certificate will display the name from our database to verify users work and shown as a webpage with all the details of course name, date of completion and user name.

We collect and store work or project pictures or images done or completed by the user for approval and certification purposes only, after approval or denial of certification the pictures and images are automatically deleted in our servers permanently.
We do not share any personal data from you or your devices.

Non personal data :

Non personal data may be automatically collected by the libraries of google play services in the app and for more info see Google privacy policy.

Camera data :

We never run camera in the background, camera will be only used when you are using the app or pages or activities, We do not share any data from camera,

In "Certification" page or activity in the app you will need to take pictures or images of work or project completion using camera and it will be submitted to us, so the pictures or images will be sent over HTTPS secure protocol to our servers to verify your or users work and approve a certificate after approval or denial of certificate, automatically the pictures and images submitted to us will be deleted permanently.

In "Help" page or activity in the app, you can send pictures or images from camera to us for technical support from our team (pro coding) and that pictures or images will be sent over HTTPS secure protocol and we can view it in our console designed for helping user if they have any doubts or questions over the courses, languages and extras we offer, you have full control over it, if you only wish to send us the picture or image of codes, questions, errors, bugs etc for support you can send using the camera button given at left of send button in help or you can just send us in text format of your doubts, questions, bugs, programs for support.

Storage data :

It is required to read the files which is or was stored from our apps in storage with app's name folder or in internal storage using scoped storage.

It is required to write files to internal storage using scoped storage and directly download to internal storage of user generated or files created by you or shared using pro coding app and all of it contents, features and tools.

For Certification page or activity, to download the certificate after approval in pdf or image formats or for sharing, storage permission is required.
except this we never read any other data from storage. And we do not collect or share the data from storage

Payment Data :

We use Google Play Billing system or API for our In-App purchases,

A Token text or string (unique ID for every purchase) and Order ID is generated when you click on purchase or when purchase is complete, only these and date, time, product details of purchase are sent to our servers over HTTPS secure network and stored in our database for verification and purchase retention when you change your device.
We never collect or store or share any other data like card details, bank details, etc.

Developer Information :
Address : Ateu softwares, devegowda circle, Mysore-570028.
Country : INDIA
Email :

ATEU Softwares ensures that your privacy is protected.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy contact us at :

If you want your "Name" and submitted "images or project pictures or certification details" to be deleted please submit the form below,

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